For the last eleven years Simon has been in the Chandlery business, specializing in engineering needs. He has a deep knowledge of what it takes to keep a vessel up and running. His first involvement in the Yachting industry was a day working job in the South of France painting engine room bilges. Although bilge and tank painting may not be the most glamorous part of the Yaching industry it was the beginning of a long lasting relationship with the industry. From there his first full time crew poosition lead to a dozen years working aboard various yachts in the deck and engineering departments and cruising to some of the less traveled ports of the world. He holds MCA 3000 ton Masters and is also a dive master. 

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Isvy, artistic, energetic and a little left of center. She keeps us in check. A South Florida native with strong Hispanic ties, she is a great addition to the Longbow Crew. She is also a huge sports fan, American football, basket ball and baseball, all South Florida teams of course. Eventually we may manage to educate here about some of the sports the rest of the world play like rugby and football ( that's soccer to you Isvy).


Jodi started in the Marine Industry out of college and has been in the industry ever since. She has expertise in shipping and export, parts sourcing and accounting. She is a logistical wizard who can get your stores anywhere in the world in a flash. She has specifically been working in the Chandlery field for fifteen years. She enjoys horse riding, Martial arts, mountain biking ( not to many mountains in Florida but we do our best) and spending family time with her two sons and awesome husband.  

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You probably think we’re just another yacht chandlery in an overcrowded market, but that is what makes us BETTER and more EFFICIENT.  We have extensive experience and technical knowledge in yacht logistics, mechanics, maintenance and repair.  We have deep roots in the marine industry with over 20 years experience crewing on yachts and working within the industry.  We have developed extraordinary relationships with vendors, manufacturers, associations, groups, organizations and individuals.  These relationships have given us the ability to source your parts quickly and effectively and have them dispatched to you.

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Hunter Joined the Longbow Marine in 2015 and is our go to guy for Deck supplies and consumables. That being said he also experienced with sourcing hard to find parts and solving technical issues. Fitness and nutrition are his biggest pass times outside of work so if you are in town and looking for a place to work out he will be able to point you in the right direction. Through the big physical football and rugby loving exterior Hunter is s massive animal lover with too many creatures to mention in this quick bio. 

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Phillip is an engineer extraordinair in many ways. He has a four year mechanical engineering degree from University of Florida and has a gift when it comes to trouble shooting and design. From Electrical to mechanical he does it all. His interests are Scuba diving,  Arduino and anything electronic orientated. Originally from Jamaica he loves to bring in traditional food into the office, come by and ask for some Jerk Chicken, you may get lucky. 

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