Its easy to get in contact with the fire or police department on land but at see a vessel has to be self sufficient. This means safety has to be highly regulated and efficient. We can help you find all the right equipment with the correct certification, SOLAS, USCG, ABS Lloyds.

water Jet Packs

Water sports are not limited to just in or on the water. These jet packs connect to you current water craft and allow you to experience a new level of water fun.
  • Launching Appliances
  • Line Throwing Appliances
  • Reflective materials and lights
  • First Aid Kits
  • Defribrillator
  • Resperators
  • Spill Kits
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Visual Signals
  • Thermal Protection

If the calamity happens we have your back. With  MOB alarm systems to life rings and rafts, we can help you save lives by providing durable and reliable life saving equipment Lloyds and ABS certified.

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Accidents happen, but the we try to prevent from becoming disasters by being prepared. Knowledge and the right tools can help save lives. Longbow Marine is here to help with both. Weather its finding the right trainers to teach you CPR or finding a Lloyds approved defribrillator we can help.

  • MOB Systems
  • PFD
  • Life Boats and Rafts
  • Examination Arrangements
  • Training Arrangements
  • EEBD
  • SOLAS Approved‚Äč
  • Water Mist Systems